Alexander Von Humboldt Lux Cruise and Bamtur
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A view of Galata Tower and Von Humboldt Cruise in front of the Karaköy Seaport in Şehr-i İstanbul, Turkey. The Alexander von Humboldt was constructed in 1990, and is named after the famous German explorer. She has a passenger capacity of 556 and crew of 215. She offers a truly great cruising experience. The Alexander von Humboldt offers a number of cabin choices. Many standard inside and outside cabins feature an additional bed that makes group or family travel easier. Some cabins are set aside especially for the disabled. Connecting staterooms are also available. Several outside rooms feature their own balcony. The suites and royal suites include special luxury amenities such as expedited boarding, welcome baskets, and complimentary spa treatments. The beautiful ship has been hired by a Turkish Company, Bamtur in 2011.

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