Albaraka Türk Head Office in Winter
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A view of New alBaraka Head Office in winter time. The Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası A.Ş. was founded in 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey by the Bahraini Al Baraka Banking Group and commenced its commercial activities in 1985 as Albaraka Türk Özel Finans Kurumu. It is known as the first Participation Bank in Turkey. The ownership structure is composed of 66,51% by foreign investment parties, 12,91% by local parties and 20,57% is held by IPO.

Albaraka, which collects funds through current and participation accounts and in turn circulates the funds into the economy through individual finance, corporate finance, financial leasing and profit/loss sharing based on projects, etc, is authorized to provide various financial and banking services through interest-free banking applications. Albaraka, which commenced banking with the vision of becoming the best in the region in presenting financial products and services in the regions ( The Gulf, Middle East and South Africa) where its main partner Albaraka Banking Group operates, is able to provide its customers with superior, rapid and secure foreign trade (import, export and foreign exchange) thanks to a wide network of correspondent banks. Our network is comprised of over 796 banks operating in over 72 countries around the world, from Singapore to U.K., from South Africa to Morocco, and from Australia to Kazakhstan. Albaraka, who is ambitious in the field of Individual Banking, has been operating, as of 30.09.2011, with its 119 branches all over the country and 1 branch abroad; (for a total of 120 branches) 50 of which are in Istanbul and 69 of which are in the prominent industry and trade centers of Turkey, as an international participation bank that has adopted the mission of adding value to its customers, shareholders, employees and Turkey.

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