Myths and Old Stories About Seagulls
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Old stories of seagulls are found in British folklore, Native American myth, and beliefs from various places in the northern hemisphere. The miracle of the gulls is often credited by Latter-day Saints (Mormons) for saving the Mormon pioneers' first harvest in Utah. According to Mormon folklore, seagulls miraculously saved the 1848 crops by eating thousands of insects that were devouring their fields.

According to Ernest Ingersoll, writing in 1923, gulls are regarded as foolish. A connection to English words like gullible and gulled is easy to make, but according to some authorities, those words have other origins. Perhaps gulls acquired their undeserved reputations simply because their name is similar. Historically, Native North Americans were a better judge of character—they cast the gull in the role of trickster, clever enough to get the better of the mythical hero Raven.

Another legend from the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest tells of how at the beginning of the world, Raven was the one who brought light to the darkness. When the Great Spirit created all things he kept them separate and stored in cedar boxes. The Great Spirit gifted these boxes to the animals who existed before humans. When the animals opened the boxes all the things that comprise the world came into being. The boxes held such things as mountains, fire, water, wind and seeds for all the plants. One such box, which was given to Seagull, contained all the light of the world. Seagull coveted his box and refused to open it, clutching it under his wing.

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