Best Take The Tram-Boris Ryzhy
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Best take the tram
if you’re going back to the past
with its bell, the drunk bloke next to you,
the grimy school kid, the mad old girl,
and, of course, the poplar leaves drawn in its trail.
Five or six tramstops later
we ride into the nineteen-eighties –
factories to the left, works to the right,
no one cares, get out your fags, what’s wrong with you.
What’s that you’re mumbling, sceptical, something
like this is all lifted from Nabokov.
He was the barin’s son, you and I are the leftovers,
come on, smile, there are tears on your face.
This is our stop –
posters, banners, here and there,
blue sky, red neckties, somebody’s funeral, musicians playing ...

İstanbul'un Nostaljik Tramvayları , Taksim Meydanı İstanbul Türkiye
Poem: Best Take The Tram by Boris Ryzhy - Photograph: Ayhan ÇAKAR
Nostalgic Trams of Istanbul, Taksim Square, Beyoğlu District Istanbul Turkey

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