The Bursa Silk Bazaar-KOZA HAN
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A view of monochrome sepia Koza Han Masjid at the center of Koza Han in springtime, Bursa Province Turkey (Koza Han'ın merkezindeki Koza Han Mescidi'nin ilkbahar mevsiminde monokrom sepya bir görüntüsü). Koza Han, the Bursa Silk Bazaar (Turkish literally Bursa İpek Çarşısı), consists of a two-storey main block being located around a nearly square-shaped, rectangular courtyard, and of a second courtyard section located to the east of it called Develik, English literally Camel Stable, comprising stables and warehouses. The Han's main entrance gate is located at its northern front. Taç Kapı, English literally Crown Gate, has a wonderful appearance, with its round arches and its plait relief decoration made from stone. As seen in the Seljuk Tradition, this building reflects the architectural portico shape which protrudes the building itself. Focussing on both the elegance of all these ornaments and the majesty of their architecture at Taç Kapı or the Crown Gate, it also symbolizes the power of Sultan Bayezid II.

The building in which we can finds small shops has a superstructure with a salient entrance cavity with wall rosettes, and a vaulted roof. From here, we enter into an area which is covered with round vaulting, and which opens towards the courtyard. It has a total of 95 rooms, 45 and 50 being located on the ground floor and on the upper floor, respectively. In order to come to the Han's upper floor, we climb the stairs at the portico. We reach the section where the stables and warehouses were located by passing through the eastern gate. In the centre of the courtyard, there is a masjid, or small mosque, Koza Han Masjid, made of stone, with a fountain below, and its superstructure. The masjid with its octagonal plan rests on eight pedestals at its corners, and another one in its centre.

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