Dar'ul Kurra Madrasah-Education System
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Three students and one teacher! A view of vivification of education system of Dar'ül Kurra Madrasah in the Selimiye Foundation Museum behind the Selimiye Mosque, Edirne Province, Turkey (Turkish: Üç öğrenci ve bir hoca! Dar'ül Kurra Medresesi'nde eğitim sisteminin canlandırması, Selimiye Vakıf Müzesi Selimiye Camii arkası, Edirne Türkiye. T.C.Başbakanlık Vakıflar Genel Müdürlüğü Selimiye Vakıf Müzesi - Selimiye Ziynetleri). In Ottoman Education system, Dar'ül Kurras were accepting students who educated primary schools. In Selimiye Dar'ül Kurra, 10 students were staying in the rooms. This room is from one of those. Students were studiying in their rooms with the guidance of their assistant teachers named Muid. Lessons were based on repetition and discussion. At the remaning times, students were dealing with arts like Marbling and Calligraphy. Education costs were spent by Foundation of Sultan Selim II. And, for spending to their personal needs, two silver coins were given to each students per day.

Dar'ul Kurra Madrasah was built among 1569-1575 by Architect Sinan as a part of Selimiye Complex. It was an education foundation offering high level Qur'an and Arabic education. This school opened for educating qualified bumpkin, imam-preacher, resumed that function still the end of Ottoman Empire. Dar'ul Kurra Madrasah still standing, is one of the important example of many madrasah in Edirne, exposing education concept of Ottoman Empire. The madrasah became ruined by losing speciality of being education foundation, was restorated by the end of 2006, and May 2007 by Edirne District Directorate of Endowments, at the term of Yusuf Beyazıt, The General Director of Endowments. The rooms and clasroom are arranged as places that various achievements are exhibited. Selimiye Foundation Museum is opened in 2007 July 1st. The Selimiye Foundation Museum is a cultural center providing to meet today's world with the endowment achievements and also reflecting history's education concept.

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