Blackseafor UE3APb KYH HKOB 158 Warship
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A view of Christea Turris/Galata Tower and Blackseafor UE3APb KYH HKOB 158 Warship in front of the Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri A.Ş. Karaköy Seaport in Şehr-i İstanbul, before 23rd April Children's Day Festival in Turkey (Turkish: 23 Nisan Dünya Çocuk Bayramı öncesi Galata Kulesi ve Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri önünde Blackseafor Savaş Gemilerinden - Karadenizin Güvenliğinden Sorumlu Gemiler / Türkiye, Rusya, Bulgaristan, Gürcistan, Romanya ve Ukrayna - UE3APb KYH HKOB 158 nolu savaş gemisinin bir görüntüsü).

Ships of Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (BLACKSEAFOR - Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Ukraine), Turkish literally Karadenizin güvenliğinden sorumlu gemiler, called at Turkish Karaköy Seaport Istanbul on Apr 20. This visit was the closing stage of the BLACKSEAFOR spring activation commanded by Russian representative Capt 1 rank Yury Zemsky. Before visiting Megacity Istanbul, ships carried out the 3-day sea phase of the exercise and practiced control over commercial shipping, inspection of a suspicious vessel, underway cargo transshipment, and air defense of formation. The multinational flotilla left Istanbul on Apr 24 after April 23rd International Child Festival.


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