Konya Alaeddin Mosque-Miniaturk Theme Park
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A view of miniature Konya Alâeddin Mosque at Miniaturk in springtime (Turkish: İlkbahar mevsiminde minyatür Konya Alaeddin Camii'nin Miniatürk Maket Park'ta bir görüntüsü). The park is a miniature theme park situated at the north-eastern shore of Golden Horn, literally Turkish Haliç or Altın Boynuz, in Şehr-i Istanbul, Turkey.

The Konya Alâeddin Mosque is the principal monument on the citadel of Konya Province, Turkey. The building served as the Mosque of the Throne for the Anatolian Seljuk Sultans and contains the dynastic mausoleum (tomb). It was constructed in stages between the mid-12th and mid-13th centuries (1155-1200). Both the citadel and the mosque bear the name of Anatolian Seljuk Sultan 'Ala al-Din Kayqubad I (Alâeddin Tepesi and Alâeddin Camii). Kayqubad I (Arabic and Persian: علا الدين كيقباد بن كيكاوس‎, 'Alā al-Dīn Kayqubād bin Kaykā'ūs; Turkish: I. Alâeddin Keykûbad) was the Seljuk Sultan of Rûm (Anatolian Seljuk) who reigned from 1220 to 1237. The sultan, sometimes styled Kayqubad the Great, is remembered today for his rich architectural legacy and the brilliant court culture that flourished under his reign.

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