Column of Constantine
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A view of Column and Constantine on the way of Yeniçeriler Avenue in springtime, Çemberlitaş Fatih District of Şehr-i Istanbul, Turkey. Gazi Atik Ali Pasha Mosque just lies behind the Column (Turkish: Yeniçeriler Caddesi yolu üzerinde Çemberlitaş Sütunu'nun ilkbahar mevsiminde bir görüntüsü. Hemen arkasında Gazi Atik Ali Paşa Camisi uzanır).

The Column of Constantine or Burnt Column, Turkish literally Çemberlitaş Sütunu or Yanık Sütun, is a Roman monumental column constructed on the orders of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in 330 AD. It commemorates the declaration of Byzantium, renamed by Constantine as Nova Roma, as the new capital city of the Roman Empire. The column is located on Yeniçeriler Avenue, along the old Divan Road or Divan Yolu, the Road to the Imperial Council of Topkapı Palace, between Sultanahmet and Beyazıt Square, known as Forum Tauri in the Roman period. The column was dedicated on May 11, 330 AD, with a mix of Christian and pagan ceremonies.

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